Meticulous craftsmanship, meticulous design. Those are the pillars which Flewkoo is founded on. In 2016, Flewkoo released its first collection of minimalist timepieces, setting the standard for thoughtfully designed, quality watches. Flewkoo’s designs are blueprinted in 3D engineering programs, ensuring every measurement and angle is calculated perfectly. This design method is what elevates Flewkoo timepieces from the norm.

Using 3D engineering programs gives Flewkoo the be ability to create completely custom designs leaving no grey area for the manufacturers. Drawings and visual 3D & 2D renders are supplied to the manufacturer – they are then produced and vigorously tested by machinery.


Visual 3D & 2D renders are realistic visuals. Visual renders essentially give a greater perspective to manufacturers on colours, size, materials – the list goes on.

Flewkoo timepieces are distinct from the norm based on these methods of designing. There are no ready-mades used and no logo is just placed on wholesale watches.